Check your writing before handing it in to your teacher: www.paperrater.com

wallwisher.com Registration not essential. Brainstorm ideas, write short notes, use as a vocabulary record.

pimpampum.net/bookr No registration. Create a picture book using Flickr photos and write about YOU, your city or a party or event in your life. Email it to your friends and family or share it on Tuenti or Facebook.

Dvolver.com Free registration. Create a movie! Write a short dialogue.

Five Card Flickr No registration. Choose five pictures from Flickr and invent a story! Share it on Tuenti or Facebook!

Oneword.com No registration necessary but if you do register you can save your work. At the top of the screen is one word - you write about that word for one minute without stopping.
Wordis.net Free registration. Use your imagination or your experience. Read the word and describe what it means to you!

Chogger.com Free registration - email required. Create a comic strip using photos or draw your own pictures. Email it to your friends and family or share it on Tuenti or Facebook!

WritingFun.com No Registration. Some text organisers to help you plan your writing tasks.

storybird.com Free registration. Create a short story book with beautiful pictures and share it with the world!

Bombay TV No registration. Make a movie! Choose some movie scenes and write the dialogue! Send it to your family and friends.

Biographicon.com For higher levels. Free registration - email required. Write your autobiography or the biography of your favourite celebrity.