Listening No registration required. Watch video clips and do comprehension quizzes. Registration not required but if you register you can see your progress. Online listening gapfill.

Listen a Minute - low level podcasts.

Simple English Videos Free website - listen to the video and read the transcript.

Spelling Bee No registration. Listen to a story and complete the gaps.

Listen to a Song Songs for kids from the British Council

Listen and Watch Some more songs and videos from the British Council Kids page

British Council No registration. A wide selection of listening and other skills practice.

BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English No registration. BBC Learning English website has activities to practice all areas of English. 6 Minute English gives listening practice with vocabulary, reading and you can download the podcast. No video.

BBC News - One Minute News No registration. A one minute summary of the world news of the day. Updated every 24 hours - listen to it three or four times and see how many words you can recognise! No registration. Native and non-native English speakers talk about a wide range of topics.
Listening with and without video including online quizzes. No registration. This website has activities to practice all English. In this section, choose a topic, listen and do the quizzes. Some video.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab No registration. Choose a topic, listen and do the quiz. Some video. No registration. Good for beginners and practical English. There are also business, accounting, travel and telephone English lessons. No video.

A Cup of English Podcast No registration. Read and listen to traditional stories in English. A blog by a British woman who lives in America. Activities for advanced learners. - Film trailers.