Audioboo.fm  Free registration - email required.  Record a message online and send by email or embed in a blog.

Vocaroo. com No registration.  Click the button and start recording.  Send a message to your friends.

EnglishCentral.com Free registration - email required. Improve your pronunciation by watching video clips and repeating.  Score points and win prizes as you improve your pronunciation.

BBC Learning English No registration. BBC Learning English website has activities to practice all areas of English. In this section you will find lots of tips and help to practice English pronunciation.

voki.com Free registration - email required. Create a talking Avatar.  You can also type your message and it converts to talking.

Goanimate.com - register with your youtube account or directly on the goanimate website.  Create mini-dialogues by voice or text to speech.

Fotobabble.com Free registration - email required. Upload a photo and talk about it.  Send it to your friends.

Voxopop.com Free registration - email required. Join or create a discussion online.

Howjsay.com No registration. A talking dictionary - type the word or expression, listen and repeat.